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Nevihte  Stopnja ogroženosti: Oranžna 
slovenščina: Možne so močnejše krajevne nevihte. Lokalno močnejši nalivi s točo, močnejši piš vetra in udari strel. Toča lahko poškoduje posevke. Ob hudourniških vodotokih so možne poplave. Udari strel lahko zanetijo požare. Počakajte na varnem mestu v zgradbi, na prostem poiščite zavetje v zgradbah ali v vozilu. Med nevihto se ne zadržujte pod drevesi ali daljnovodi, udar strele je smrtno nevaren! Ne zadržujte se v bližini hudourniških vodotokov. Ne parkirajte pod drevesi. Na morju poiščite najbližji varen pristan. english: Heavy thunderstorms are possible, accompanied by local intense precipitation, hail and gusty winds. Intense local showers with hail, intense wind blasts and lightning strikes. Hail can damage crops; rain showers can cause the rising of torrential watercourses and rainwater floods. Lightning strikes may start fires. Disturbances in traffic and outdoor activities are possible. The sea is rough. Beware of approaching storm clouds. Wait on a safe spot inside a building; if a thunderstorm catches you in the open, find shelter in a building or vehicle. Do not carry metallic objects in the open. Do not linger under trees or power lines during a thunderstorm; lightning strike can be deadly! If possible, move vehicles into a garage in good time. Do not park under trees; a blast of wind can break branches or uproot a tree. Do not linger in the vicinity of torrential watercourses. When at sea, find the nearest safe haven. 
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Veter  Stopnja ogroženosti: Rumena 
slovenščina: Maksimalna hitrost vetra : od 50 do 70 km/h. Veter maje drevesa in lahko že lomi veje. Ovira cestni promet določenih kategorij in lahko že nekoliko otežuje gibanje. Morje je zmerno vzvalovano (3). Vrata in okna naj bodo zaprta. Na prostem se ne zadržujte na potencialno nevarnih mestih. Priporočamo dodatno previdnost v prometu. Priporočamo previdnost na morju. english: Maximum wind speed : from 50 to 70 km/h. Wind sways trees and may break branches. It impedes road traffic of certain categories and may hinder movement to some extent. The sea is fairly rough (3). Before the event: Close all windows and doors. Stow or fasten anything that could be carried away by the wind. Check the situation of vessels in berths. During the event: Doors and windows should be kept closed. When moving in the open, pay attention to possible falling objects. Stop all work at heights. Do not repair damage during the event. We recommend additional caution in traffic, especially in crosswinds and in exposed areas (e.g. bridges, cuttings). Caution is recommended in water sports. Less skilled sailors should not sail out. Swimmers should stay close to the shore. 

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